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Automatically Update Workergroup for Reboot Policies

··2 mins

We are currently using two reboot policies that restart half of our servers (based on workergroups) on a weekly basis. Since we scale these environments up on a semi-regular basis it was becoming very annoying to add a server each time a new server was spun up.

Requirements #

  • Numbered servers (e.g. End of server name 00, 02, etc.)
  • Citrix Powershell SDK
  • A mechanism to run this on a regular basis (Scheduled Task, etc.)
  • A way to identify non-xenapp servers (Infrastructure like ZDC, etc.)
  • Citrix XenApp policies to reboot the servers

Script Step Through #

  1. Open powershell and load the citrix snapins Add-PSSnapin Citrix*
  2. First we get all the servers in the zone. $servers = Get-XAServer
  3. We pipe that list of server to our long where statement: ?{ $_.FolderPath -ne "Servers/Infrastructure" -AND ($_.ServerName.Substring( $_.ServerName.length - 2,2) % 2) -ne 0 }
    • We are looking for two things:
      1. That the server isn’t part of the “Servers/Infrastructure” FolderPath.
      2. That the last two characters are even.
    • We take the server name and get the last two chars $_.ServerName.Substring( $_.ServerName.length - 2,2)
    • We then get the modulus of that to see if we get any results. 0 meaning that it’s even.
  4. We then repeat for odds and assign to Sunday’s workergroup.
  5. Celebrate!

Complete Script #

# Load Citrix Snapin's
Add-PSSnapin Citrix*

# Get all the XenApp Servers
$servers = Get-XAServer

# Set Saturday Reboot Workergroup
Set-XAWorkerGroup "Saturday Reboot" -ServerNames $( $servers | ?{ $_.FolderPath -ne "Servers/Infrastructure" -AND ($_.ServerName.Substring( $_.ServerName.length - 2,2) % 2) -ne 0 })

# Set Sunday Reboot Workergroup
Set-XAWorkerGroup "Sunday Reboot" -ServerNames $( $servers | ?{ $_.FolderPath -ne "Servers/Infrastructure" -AND ($_.ServerName.Substring( $_.ServerName.length - 2,2) % 2) -eq 0 } )